About Us

RNAissance Ag LLC was formed by TechAccel and the Danforth Center for Plant Science.

Meet the inventors of our technology:

Nigel Taylor

Nigel Taylor
Nigel Taylor, Ph.D., is the interim director of the Institute for International Crop Improvement, associate member and Dorothy J. King Distinguished Investigator at Danforth Center.

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Bala Venkata, Ph.D., is a research scientist with the Danforth Center’s Institute for International Crop Improvement.

The company was formed following the successful completion of a project, funded by TechAccel, to demonstrate a sprayable technology to apply RNA interference (or RNAi) technology as a biopesticide targeting insects.  RNAissance Ag holds the exclusive license to proprietary RNAi technology developed at the Danforth Center that has promise to be effective for insect pests that previously were considered resistant to RNAi.