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Since 2017,TechAccel and the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center have partnered to advance a novel and proprietary RNAi technology with broad pesticidal application. 

In January 2019, TechAccel founded the biopesticide startup RNAissance Ag with exclusive worldwide license to the technology.

RNAi Basics

RNAi pesticide technology is safe, sustainable,  environmentally friendly and a great alternative to chemical pesticides. The biopesticide market is growing and estimated to reach $10B worldwide by 2025. RNAi pesticides employ a unique mode of action that is highly effective against specific pests while non-toxic to other organisms. RNAi pesticides are designed to be highly specific to the target pest by silencing genes that are crucial to that organism's function. 
See the 3-minute video with Emily Aston, DVM, Ph.D., from TechAccel. 
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