Molly Darlington joined RNAissance Ag as an intern in the summer of 2021. 

She is currently pursuing a PhD in Entomology under Dr. Ana María Vélez Arango at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Molly's research seeks to further characterize the RNAi mechanism in the first insect pest targeted with RNAi technology, the western corn rootworm, to better understand putative resistance development. Her interest in dsRNA-based technologies for pest management and six-years of experience in the field brought her to TechAccel and RNAissance Ag, where she is excited to gain experience in biotechnology development from an industry standpoint. 

Molly earned her bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences, with minors in Plant Biology and Art History & Criticism, from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2017. 

She will defend her dissertation titled, "The double-stranded RNA mode of action in the western corn rootworm: further characterization and exploration into the genetic basis for susceptibility" in 2022.
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