Sargun Malik, Ph.D., joined RNAissance Ag in November 2022, from the University of Missouri-Columbia. 

She  was a graduate research assistant in the Food, Nutrition & Exercise Science Department, where she worked  on food by-product and waste stream utilization and value addition for production of food products for child and maternal nutrition.  She also worked as a lab manager at the Food Engineering Lab at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where her role included mentoring and training students on lab techniques.

Prior to this, she was a graduate research assistant at the Institute of Food Safety and Health, part of the Illinois Institute of Technology, in Chicago. In this role, she worked on non-thermal pulsed UV Light technology and did projects in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) analytical chemistry lab. Earlier, she worked as a quality control intern at Mondelez India Foods, in India.

Sargun received a Ph.D. in Food, Nutrition & Exercise Sciences from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She also received a bachelor’s degree in engineering in Food Science and Technology from Punjab University and a master’s in Food Process Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. She is a native of Chandigarh, India.
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