Steve Meyer brings deep technical experience coupled with international entrepreneurial business experience, including 16 years with Monsanto (now Bayer Crop Science) in a variety of scientific and commercial roles. 

During his tenure at Monsanto, he conducted biotechnology research that led to the development of multiple commercial products and played a key role in transforming their insect control discovery pipeline, leading to his acceptance as a Science Fellow. 

He rounded out his scientific achievements by serving as Operations Lead for North America Knowledge Transfer, where he was responsible for developing and executing strategies to deliver agronomy support to commercial field teams and customers.
Steve’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2019 when he co-founded a vertically integrated medical cannabis business with cultivation, manufacturing, and retail operations in his home state of Missouri. Under his leadership as CEO, the company captured the largest footprint of competitive licenses in the state and raised capital to successfully launch nine operational businesses in just a little over one year. 

In a quest to continue learning and challenging himself, he exited his cannabis business in 2021, and assumed a role as COO with Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc (LSDI). LSDI is a Canadian-based pharmaceutical company focused on manufacturing cGMP-grade psychotropic compounds to enable research and clinical trials aimed at treating mental health and addiction disorders. 

As a scientist turned entrepreneur, Steve is passionate about driving disruptive innovation that improves lives, our environment, and society. He is passionate about the outdoors and in his free time enjoys working on his family tract of timberland to explore more sustainable agroforestry and timber management strategies to improve the health of native forests and plant communities. Steve has a master’s degree in plant biology from Washington University in St. Louis.
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