Zainab ALJbory, Ph.D., joined RNAissance Ag as a molecular entomologist in December 2021. 

She began working in pest management companies after earning a bachelor’s degree in Plant Protection at the University of Baghdad-Iraq. With a deep interest in research, she continued her studies to gain a Master’s degree in Entomology. After graduation, she became involved in academic research and teaching at Baghdad University. 

In 2013, she moved to the United States and joined Kansas State University, where she obtained a Ph.D. degree from the Ming-Shun Chen lab at the Department of Entomology in May 2018. 

She accepted a postdoctoral position to advance her research, which focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms behind insect parasitism and how plants respond in defense. Her publications identified and characterized many Hessian fly effector proteins as key players and revealed mechanisms of host plant resistance.

Throughout her Ph.D. research and postdoctoral training, she gained expertise in RNAi biology, insect genetics, plant genetics, molecular interactions, genomics, proteomics, and transcriptomics. She brings mastery of a broad range of research skills in micro-dissection, RNAi protocol, gene cloning, construct design, recombinant proteins, immunostaining, microscopy, and transgenic organisms.
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